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New Stuff! 

Amphipod SmartView Sumo Armband 

imgres Congratulations on your new smart phone! It’s so fast, pretty, and…. big. No, it’s HUGE! If you are wondering how you are going to carry that giant thing around, worry no more! The Amphipod Smartview Sumo Armband is here to save the day! How big of phones can the Smartview Sumo hold, you ask? – Huge phones like yours. The iPhone 6 Plus and other giants of the smart phone world will fit in this armband no problem. Best of all, the sleeve even detaches from the armband for use with your favorite hydration belt.

• Full screen access and touch control
• Easy-access main pocket with zippered security
• Protective clear View-Thru™ front panel
• Large separated internal compartment for extras
• Fully adjustable, comfortable chafe-free armband 
• Spring lock zipper pull with easy-grip detail
• Fits phones/players up to 6.5″ x 3.5″ x 0.6″

Addaday Ultra Roller 


Looking for a new torture devi…. err I mean massage stick? There are a lot of massage sticks out there, but none quite like the Ultra Roller series from Addaday. The different sizes and firmness of the Ultra Roller’s ‘Gears’ will help you massage the problem areas of your muscles with ease.

Unique Features:


  • Deep tissue Massage

  • Rounded gears designed to massage like fingers​

  • Easy to clean with alcohol wipes/soap with towel